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Tire retread company called Clear "freaks"

"tire industry policy " clearly prohibited the three, namely, non-production, sale and distribution of cutting standard tires, change the standard tires, no "three" failed tires tires tires and counterfeiting, which would have to see a purge of tire retreading business Living environment of hope. But the reporter after research found that more than two months since the implementation of industrial policy, the original state what changes did not occur, all kinds of fake and shoddy substandard tires and tire sales "remains the same. "

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Qingdao Exhibition in Essen Tire Show Tire

In the fourth Asian Essen Tire Show, we have applied for a special booth on the CTF2011, advocacy and promotion, attracted many professional visitors and buyers at home and abroad, they tire of Qingdao showed great interest in exhibitions, participate in Essen exhibition Many of the professional media have taken the initiative to express our willingness to cooperate on the stand. During the exhibition, in addition to visiting the exhibition have been enrolled in the triangle tire Qingdao, exquisite, double the money, a mountain, your wheel, Wanda, Silver Pearl,Truck Tyre Prudential and other well-known tire companies, the organizing committee also has to visit and negotiate through other means, to China Chemical Rubber Corporation, Hangzhou Zhongce, Jiangsu speeding, United Arab Emirates Global companies such as Sun introduced and recommended tire exhibition in Qingdao, and to discuss the proposed preferential policies and participants involved in the program. 3-day exhibition in Essen referral process more than 1,000 Chinese Communists were distributing promotional material, non-woven bag 5000, "China's tire business directory Handbook " more than 300 of this. With a total of nearly tire manufacturers, traders and producers to contact the tire accessories, in addition to OTR Tyre tires for 167 overseas buyers information.

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Winter tires Michelin launched a new SUV

Michelin recently released in China, a new SUV winter tires, Michelin Latitude X-ICE XI2. Thanks to superior tread design, Michelin Latitude X-ICE XI2 ice shorter braking distances, with more snow and ice braking and traction, longer mileage, snow and ice can easily control the maximum degree of protection of owners Winter driving safety.Truck Tyre

Michelin (China) Investment Co., Ltd. car and light truck tire replacement market, Mr. Bai Runuo, director of marketing, said, "taking into account travel winter tires for SUV owners to security concerns, Michelin introduced the Latitude X-ICE XI2, fully meet the the demand for SUV owners to travel in winter, provide a more safe driving experience. "

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Global demand in 2010 rose to 2,390 tons of rubber

International Rubber Study Group (IRSG) said on Wednesday as the global economic recovery to boost car sales in 2010, the global rubber demand, or will be increased to 2,120 tons 2,390 tons.

IRSG Secretary-General Stephen Evans in the Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC) speech at the conference, said global demand in 2011 will rise to 2,550 tons, or.

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2011 China (Guangzhou) International Tyre Industry

Exhibitions include: tire products - all kinds of vehicle tires and wheels, tire manufacturing and design, tire parts and accessories, auto repair shop, tire retreading products, tire retreading equipment and tire-related products; rubber tire machinery and equipment - Tire Manufacturing and test equipment, stand-alone, technology, and molds; rubber raw material - natural rubber, synthetic rubber, reclaimed rubber, carbon black, various additives, fillers, steel cord, skeleton materials; for tire production, renovation and curing of the mechanical equipment and tools; for tire recycling equipment for the repair of the material; for tire repair shop trade and IT-solutions (hardware and software); for tire service professional factory; and other related products services.

Organizers said: cheap Chinese-made tires are increasingly attracting more and more international buyers to purchase and cooperation, the Chinese tire market share in the world, about 15%. With the development of Chinese economy and the auto industry, tire industry in recent years, an alarming rate in China's development, China has become a global tire market, the fastest growing market, China is the world's automotive manufacturers battleground, but also the world tire manufacturers and defend. Tire production in 2009 was 6.5464 billion, an increase of 18%. All tire manufacturers of industrial output value reached 500 billion yuan, an increase of 300% over 2005. Tire industry is to achieve annual sales income of more than 5000 billion yuan, a record 10 years, the best performance, no doubt, the Chinese tire industry very broad market prospects.

The exhibition held in Guangzhou, Guangzhou, taking into account the unique advantage of the organizers, said the person in charge: from Guangdong in the social and economic capacity, automotive, tire spending power, status and other details of import and export trade data, we can safely Judgement: tire companies based in China, Guangdong is the symbol of the market is fully open up the best platform for overseas markets. Guangdong has the country's first comprehensive economic strength is the continued development of Guangdong, China's largest consumer market in the economy to ensure that the tire. Guangdong is China's largest automobile production base and consumer market. Guangdong is one of five major production bases of Chinese tires. Guangdong is China's largest consumer market, car tires, tire consumption accounts for 10% of the country, first in the country consumption of auto parts, car service everywhere. Guangzhou is China's largest tire distribution center, Guangzhou is China's largest import and export trade center, Guangdong's foreign trade has excellent location, adjacent to Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia, the Asia-Pacific region and the decision will show the global tire industry, radiation.


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Qingdao to build China's largest synthetic rubber

Lacey said the news from the government, "trans-isoprene rubber industrial production device" is a national "863" High Technology Development Truck Tyre Plan "Ninth Five-Year," one of the items put into the sales income of 1.2 billion yuan, profits of 2 billion. Mayor Sun Liguo said Lacey, Lacey rubber chemical industry has become one of the fastest growing industries, attracting a large number of projects at home and abroad to invest here.

Which covers an area of 600 acres of new materials, Qingdao Yike Si rubber base, investment of 2.4 billion, will be completed and commissioned in June this year. Projects are all completed in 2015, synthetic rubber production capacity will OTR Tyre reach 20 million tons. Recently, Yi Kesi again planned area of 700 acres of new material industrial park, mainly for the intensive processing of isoprene rubber, isoprene rubber, to further extend the industry chain, with a total investment of 1.4 billion. The total investment of $ 60,000,000 Footwear Co., Ltd. Qingdao Taekwang Lacey has roots 15 years, the production of 9.7 million pairs of Nike sneakers. Nexans tires from Korea (strain) of USD 535 million investment to build Qingdao Nexans Tire Co., Ltd. All production year after semi-steel radial tires can produce 21 million, will become the largest tire production base.

According to statistics, Lacey City currently has more than 30 enterprises above designated size of rubber, with a total investment of more than 100 billion yuan, Shandong Peninsula, has been initially formed with a new rubber industry. According to the experts predict, the next 5 years, Lacey will build the largest and most complete variety of synthetic rubber research and production base.

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Vitality of the global tire market began to recove

World tire giants have been released recently the first half of this year, the report shows that the world tire industry has experienced severe financial crisis last year, has been out of the doldrums, sales revenues and profits in general are increasing in parallel. In addition Truck Tyre to the world's top ten tire giant Goodyear small amount of losses, all the profits and a relatively large increase over the previous year. At the same time, companies generally optimistic about the second half of the tire industry, market trends, the increase in the second half of the market expectations, and set off a new round of expansion wave.

The first echelon of the world's tire giant Bridgestone financial position of the three major radical change. Bridgestone first half of this year's number one sales growth of 15% over last year, sales reached 44.5 billion yen net profit a year earlier loss of 39.3 billion yen OTR Tyre Bridgestone. Michelin's second half sales growth of 17% over last year, reaching 10.3 billion U.S. dollars, net profit of more than expected, amounting to $ 618,500,000, a loss last year, $ 172,400,000 in the first half, operating profit margin last year 4% to 9.8%. Goodyear ranked third in the first half losses of the Group is also reduced by 30 times over last year.

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