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GENCO INDUSTRIAL GROUP, is one of the biggest and professional tyre manufacturers in China, who produce mainly 6 items of tyres and tubes under the main and leading brand GENCO,SOWESTONE, including RADIAL truck tyres-the leading item, NYLON(bias) truck tyres, OTR tyres, Agricultural tyres, Passenger Car tyres, Forklift tyre.

Introduction Agriculture Tyres

Radial tire carcass cord is arranged according to radial direction, a cord or near the week of weeks to arrange a buffer layer arranged close to the hoop in the matrix on a new tire. It consists of tread, carcass, sidewall, buffer layer (or belt), bead, inner liner (or liner) of six major components. In accordance with the carcass and belt cord material used in different radial tire can be divided into three types: all steel radial tires, semi-steel radial tires and all-fiber radial tires.

Agriculture Tyres Category

Radial tire carcass under the belt and the cord used in different varieties, radial tires can be divided into three categories: all steel radial wheel bribe, steel belt radial tire carcass fibers (semi-Gang wire radial tire), and full fiber radial tire .

Heavy truck radial tires used mostly all steel radial tire or semi-steel radial tires; light truck radial tires with steel wire is usually half the radial tire; car radial tires used half the wire, but also full of fiber.

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