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GENCO INDUSTRIAL GROUP, is one of the biggest and professional tyre manufacturers in China, who produce mainly 6 items of tyres and tubes under the main and leading brand GENCO,SOWESTONE, including RADIAL truck tyres-the leading item, NYLON(bias) truck tyres, OTR tyres, Agricultural tyres, Passenger Car tyres, Forklift tyre.

Introduction OTR Tyres

Tire Size: Size is the geometry and physical properties of the tire symbol of data. A set of numbers used tires, said the former number indicates the tire section width, the latter figure, said rim diameter, are in inches. The middle of letters or symbols have special meanings: "x", said high-pressure tires; "R", "Z" said radial; "one", said low pressure tires.

Level: Level tire rubber layer is the nominal number of layers within the cord, and the actual ply layers are not totally consistent, is an important indicator of the strength of the tire. Levels in Chinese signs, such as the 12 level; English signs, such as 〃 14P. R 〃 or 14 layers pole.

OTR Tyres Category

Bias tire (BIAS TIRE)

From long ago began to use the tire structure, that constitute the matrix of the tire cord and driving directions at an angle (38 degrees) of the tire

Radial tire

Carcass cords are arranged with the tire on the road close to the direction of 90 degrees or 90 degrees of the structure, the use of belt to improve the strength of the tires.

Relative bias tires, radial tires have the following characteristics

Good handling stability

Safe turning performance

Good abrasion resistance

Less heat

Low rolling resistance, saving fuel costs

Towing capacity, less slip

Traveling at high speed, good sense of comfort

Inner tubes of tires (TUBETYPE TIRE)

Into the inner tube inside the tire, and pneumatic tires for use

Composition: Tyre + tube + with + rim pad

The correct use management methods:

Choose the appropriate size of the inner tube, and the new tire inner tube must use the new

Radial tire radial tire inner tubes to use

No pressure, if the width of deformation of the tube more than 10%, you can not continue to use

The beginning of inflation, when the inner tube and the first order low on the pad with the right, and then filled with a suitable pressure

Tubeless tires (TUBELESS TIRE)

Do not use inner tubes, and the inner surface of the tire used in place of the special rubber inner tube (liner) to ensure the tightness of the tire tire

Composition: tire (inner liner) + rim

Tubeless tire in the process of moving, even if loaded with nails piercing objects, will not quickly reduce the pressure

Summer tires (SUMMER TIRE)

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