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TDI production capacity is expanding rapidly chang

Chang Yi-che, TDI rapid increase in production capacity in China is mainly driven by market demand. At present, very rapid domestic economic development, China on the sofa, cushions, mattresses, car seats sponge consumer demand, and thus boost the demand for the domestic market for TDI, so TDI capacity expansion of domestic demand has a certain market. According to the Investment Adviser's "2010-2015 China Polyurethane Industry Investment Analysis and Forecast Report" shows that in 2006 the apparent consumption of TDI is Truck Tyre about 33.7 million tons, estimated that by 2010, domestic demand will reach TDI 470,000 tons or so.

Yi-Chi Chang also pointed out that international TDI production capacity to gradually shift to the Asian region is one of the factors of TDI production capacity. Chang Yi-che, TDI is highly toxic chemicals, as in Europe and America and other Western countries the increasing demand for environmental protection, these countries continue to shut down TDI manufacturers in Europe and America in the TDI production capacity, the TDI production line and gradually shift to the Asian region . In China, the world's largest developing country, with vast market potential. OTR Tyre Moreover, China's environmental protection measures and related policies are not perfect, the international transfer of production capacity TDI important choice objects, thus increasing the capacity of domestic TDI. For example, BASF has invested in Shanghai TDI production capacity of 16 million tons; Bayer Building in Shanghai, the yield of 16 tons / year TDI production plant.

Yi-Chi Chang believes that the rapid increase in production capacity because domestic TDI, production from existing programs and demand situation, the capacity of TDI is far greater than the market demand. The future, as the production of TDI production PCR Tyre capacity, domestic production will be a substantial increase in TDI, TDI will be a market oversupply. By then, the domestic market share of TDI in China will further expand the market supply of TDI long-term pattern of imported products or to change.

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