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2011 Asian Essen Tire Show

Asian Essen Tire Show has been held since 2007, adhering to the "brand awareness, promotion of trade"exhibition, now in its fourth has been successfully held in China. In the report released last year after the show, we are pleased to find that, regardless of the number of exhibitors, or the number of visitors have shown a steady growth trend. The scale of the show has expanded each year, show the meaning and forms studied under more and more colorful.

 November 2011 upcoming Fifth Asian Essen Tire Show, in addition to conventional display outside the exhibition hall, stadium will also be held outside the variety of activities, contact the organizers are well-known tire manufacturers, consultation jointly organized outdoor car drift Activities, will surely attract more professionals to the eye. Asian Essen Tire Show to provide quality service to win the exhibition, the exhibition process, to address the exhibitors, visitors participating in the different demands, set up multiple business service area, Internet area, business negotiation VIP room, prayer room (that is, respect for the exhibitors The national customs, but also ensure the privacy of religious people), the introduction of the food and beverage service providers, etc. to be convenient for business life, and many staff problems. Especially prominent is the show for free lunch and other services for exhibitors, all exhibitors receive the same recognition. Exhibition will be held over the same period more than technical forums, seminars, new product release is available for exhibitors and visitors an intuitive and efficient platform for brand awareness and make the professional visitors, buyers and exhibitors public financing for the business people One, to further promote the trade.

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