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EU tire labeling regulations issued

Recently, the European Commission issued a related tire labeling regulations --EC1222/2009, by the November 1, 2012, the required cars sold in the EU tires, light truck tires, tires and bus tires cards must be labeled, marked out Tire fuel efficiency, rolling noise and wet grip level, the goal is to reduce energy consumption by 2020, Europe 20%.

 It provides testing and certification services, TUV SÜD introduced, the legislation provides for standardized performance of the tire three requirements: fuel economy (ie Tire rolling resistance requirements), are divided into A to G grades 7; wet pavement caught Fertility levels, divided into 6 A to F grades; road noise levels, in accordance with the provisions of the noise value of the test is divided into three levels: N ≤ LV-3, LV-3 <N≤LV,N> LV, and black label Said. The reform of the vehicles in the new technical requirements, increased security with advanced technology components and equipment. In this regard, TUV's services will help customers in the timely adjustment of production problems, improve productivity and qualified to meet the high standards of EU exporters.

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