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The arrangement of 4 circumferential linear grooves combining with block in diamond shape in groove bottom can prevent damage from stone drilling effectively and provide excellent linear ride properties, lower rolling resistance and lower noise. The design of two narrow linear grooves in the shoulder can reduce shoulder heating and prevent irregular wear effectively. Suitable for all wheel tires.

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Trie GST139

Unique tread belt structure, high wear-resistance, excellent anti-impact force, optimized and reinfforced tire bead design; excellent traction performance to be suitable for the expressway and ordinary road conditions.

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Promotion policy can or will set off on the tire

Yesterday, the market rumors of Qingdao Double Star to be 10% price increase in March. When the "Daily News " reporter called the company, the other issues that the company is not convenient for the price response. Guoxin Securities analyst Chen Aihua told reporters, tire prices have already implemented price increases, price increase of products at different prices vary, the average increase over the fourth quarter of last year by 3% to 4%. Despite price increases, but the day care car congenial group that slightly better bargaining power of the enterprise gross margin is still likely to decline by 3%, while the poor may decrease some of the more than 5%.

 Guoxin Securities analyst Chen Aihua that Qianlun Tai A shares with the Aeolus market in cost control and to better grasp the impact is relatively small, and Qingdao Double Star Despite the large scale, but lower gross profit margin, by the greater impact.


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New products friendly tire tires

Truck tires were new products, Nexans N800 and environmental tire N-BLUE. Currently, the Nexans factory in Qingdao, tires, 80% of the products for export, domestic sales of the products in only 20% and 20% in only 2% of the product supply car manufacturers. Nexans tire sales director, said the next step Nexans is one of the development plan to expand the field of automobile tire package, the current co-operation with Beijing Hyundai have been, but also in the other vehicle with a number of domestic enterprises on cooperation.


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Or will the global synthetic rubber prices rose

Because the tire manufacturer orders from the surge in prices prompted the natural rubber tire manufacturers look for cheaper alternative raw materials - synthetic rubber, synthetic rubber prices are likely to be the world rose sharply.

 Because of tight supply of natural rubber prices rose to a record over 3.50 U.S. dollars / kg (3,500 U.S. dollars / ton, 2,590 euro / ton), as Thailand - the world's largest natural rubber producing countries - from the extreme dry weather problems.

 Synthetic rubber prices now seem to be more expensive synthetic rubber prices in Asia to maintain 2500-2850 U.S. dollars / ton level, market participants said. Natural rubber and synthetic rubber are substitutes available, prices are usually in linkage state.

 Natural rubber prices rose to a tight supply of synthetic rubber market to further increase the pressure, while the synthetic rubber market recently, plagued by soaring prices of raw materials, butadiene, industry sources said.

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China's tire market at deep ills

3 • 15 party this year on CCTV exposed, "Kumho Tires use a lot of back mixing" of a ripple. However, the problem is not CCTV Kumho Tire "sudden discovery. "

 In 2008, Kumho Tire deep "bulge"incident, in late 2007 to early 2008, Kumho Tire experience "breaking the door"storm. In addition, in 2004 and 2006, Kumho Tire in the United States has also conducted two large-scale recall.

 China Quality Association in quality and service vehicles only release specific information website "car people network " of complaints over the past few years, the report, the list has been more Kumho Tires.

 The CCTV exposure, the Kumho's first reaction was: "Our use of rubber on the back to develop a scientifically sound production technology standards, and strictly follow the standard production line for production operations, the original film plastic, plastic to add back Ratio is calculated according to weight, not the number of direct proportion, so simple in the video by adding different amount of the compound to determine the Division I violations, is not accurate. "


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Tire companies fought in domestic demand

At this year's trade, the impact of the safeguard, the Chinese tire exports to the U.S. companies generally stagnant situation. But the reporter learned that China's enterprises and not "standing still", but try to open up new markets and new products to be eased.

However, the experts pointed out that China's tire industry to actively alleviate the present difficulties in the same time, the future appears to be on high alert because many enterprises are concentrated, low-cost Internet security case the release of "stagnation" of the production capacity to trigger a new round of trade friction, to industry-wide impact and result in greater losses.

Stagnant U.S. market fundamentals

In the 106th Canton Fair, the total of their exports to the United States exports nearly 1 / 3, Shandong Triangle Tire Co., Ltd. Director of International Marketing Services Sun Shumin said that in the United States to implement the so-called "punitive tariffs", the business U.S. tire exports from the previous month were down more than 30 million direct more than 10 million.
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Cooper Tire U.S. expansion

Dow Jones reported, Cooper Tire has announced that the U.S. auto market demand is recovering, the U.S. market in 2010 in order to meet the needs of the first half, the company will invest 10 million U.S. dollars, Findlay, Ohio plant for expansion. The Ohio plant expansion project will bring 100 new jobs.

 Cooper John Bodart, vice president of North America, said: "Cooper Findlay, Ohio plant is critical for the Group, will be several upcoming light truck and SUV tire production base for new products. "
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