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2011 Asian Essen Tire Show

Asian Essen Tire Show has been held since 2007, adhering to the "brand awareness, promotion of trade"exhibition, now in its fourth has been successfully held in China. In the report released last year after the show, we are pleased to find that, regardless of the number of exhibitors, or the number of visitors have shown a steady growth trend. The scale of the show has expanded each year, show the meaning and forms studied under more and more colorful.

 November 2011 upcoming Fifth Asian Essen Tire Show, in addition to conventional display outside the exhibition hall, stadium will also be held outside the variety of activities, contact the organizers are well-known tire manufacturers, consultation jointly organized outdoor car drift Activities, will surely attract more professionals to the eye. Asian Essen Tire Show to provide quality service to win the exhibition, the exhibition process, to address the exhibitors, visitors participating in the different demands, set up multiple business service area, Internet area, business negotiation VIP room, prayer room (that is, respect for the exhibitors The national customs, but also ensure the privacy of religious people), the introduction of the food and beverage service providers, etc. to be convenient for business life, and many staff problems. Especially prominent is the show for free lunch and other services for exhibitors, all exhibitors receive the same recognition. Exhibition will be held over the same period more than technical forums, seminars, new product release is available for exhibitors and visitors an intuitive and efficient platform for brand awareness and make the professional visitors, buyers and exhibitors public financing for the business people One, to further promote the trade.

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EU tire labeling regulations issued

Recently, the European Commission issued a related tire labeling regulations --EC1222/2009, by the November 1, 2012, the required cars sold in the EU tires, light truck tires, tires and bus tires cards must be labeled, marked out Tire fuel efficiency, rolling noise and wet grip level, the goal is to reduce energy consumption by 2020, Europe 20%.

 It provides testing and certification services, TUV SÜD introduced, the legislation provides for standardized performance of the tire three requirements: fuel economy (ie Tire rolling resistance requirements), are divided into A to G grades 7; wet pavement caught Fertility levels, divided into 6 A to F grades; road noise levels, in accordance with the provisions of the noise value of the test is divided into three levels: N ≤ LV-3, LV-3 <N≤LV,N> LV, and black label Said. The reform of the vehicles in the new technical requirements, increased security with advanced technology components and equipment. In this regard, TUV's services will help customers in the timely adjustment of production problems, improve productivity and qualified to meet the high standards of EU exporters.

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Annual output of 16 million tons of carbon black

Recently learned. Black Cat 457 million capital increase shares to raise funds subsidiary of Handan black cat, to build an annual output of 16 million tons of carbon black project. Announcement shows that 89.5% of those for carbon black products will be used for the rubber industry, of which about 67.5% for car tires.

 Carbon black is one of the old industrial products, mainly used in rubber processing, rubber by mixing as a reinforcing agent added (see enhanced material) and filler. Hydrocarbons under strictly controlled conditions or by incomplete combustion of gas from thermal decomposition of black powder like substance. Used as rubber reinforcing agent and filler, its consumption is about half the consumption of rubber, rubber, carbon black carbon black accounts for 94% of the total, of which about 60% for tire manufacturing.

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The full realization of styrene-butadiene rubber

Ago, the EU has developed stringent regulations SBR on the international market of such products strictly limited. Out of the dilemma for the industry to survive, Research Institute of Jilin Petrochemical plant in close collaboration with organic synthesis, has built a national Engineering Research Center of carbon fiber as the representative of the carbon fiber, synthetic rubber, synthetic resin, petroleum fuel ethanol R & D centers in China 4.

 SBR 1502E environmental protection is a key project of Jilin Petrochemical, January 12 this year, the official line of SBR feeding device B, by SBR1502 switch SBR1502E. 13, plastic extrusion lines 24 hours when the first piece of plastic to achieve the environmental protection SBR 1502E industrial test drive a success. Jilin Jihua SBR total of three production lines, a line of environmentally friendly production of styrene butadiene rubber 1500E, the other two lines of environmentally friendly production of colorless SBR 1502E. So far, the Jilin Petrochemical 1502E has produced 1,000 tons of products, a total of 16 million tons production capacity of styrene butadiene rubber to achieve full environmental upgrades.

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Tubeless tires to achieve domestic production

Recently learned that the production of brominated butyl rubber tubeless tire technology to the production of raw materials can be made of this link.

 According to reports, the technology is based on the chlorinated butyl rubber and brominated butyl rubber production technology based on small test done. Brominated butyl rubber manufacturing tubeless tires is irreplaceable raw materials, but also to raw materials, medical rubber products, is a strategic material. Prior to the production technology for the United States, Germany and other countries dominated by multinational corporations. The key technology for the realization of the localization, in 2009, and other relevant research team set up a pilot group of brominated butyl rubber, construction, annual output of 1,000 tons a pilot plant. 200 kg of product is the first trial in the all-steel radial tire, the product 10 million kilometers by the indoor high-speed analog and durability tests, are up to quality requirements. Researchers will further build a computer-controlled continuous production of 3,000 tons of brominated butyl rubber plant, breaking the bottleneck capacity constraints.

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Comprehensive utilization of waste tires formal

January 20, the Ministry of Foreign issued "guidance utilization of waste tires" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinion") to encourage the development of waste tire business in 2015 to enhance the level of domestic tires refurbished. Views that include the truck tire retreading rate to 25%, mega tire retreading rate to 30%, passenger car tire retreading to achieve a breakthrough, foster comprehensive utilization of waste tires is about 10 well-known enterprises.

It is understood that the world's total rubber consumption in China average 30% of total rubber consumption in each of the required rubber products industry more than 70% natural rubber, synthetic rubber more than 40% need to import, supply and demand is very prominent, of rubber shortage of resources national economic development is becoming more evident. Rubber tires is the most important. Related statistics show that in 2009 China accounted for production of tire rubber consumption of rubber resources consumed in the country about 70% of production tires 233 million years, the weight of about 8.6 million tons, equivalent to about 300 million tons of rubber resources.

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Lifting the tire industry this year

Spot price of natural rubber per ton today from 1.6 million to 3.54 million in just one year, and the main raw material for natural rubber tire manufacturers, with the price of natural rubber led to significant cost increases, Transfer prices has become the most effective means of cost pressures. Currently, the world's leading tire manufacturers, including Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear and horse brand, has been in this general price increase of 10% -15%, there are manufacturers claim is preparing a new round of price increases.

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Natural rubber prices in 2011

The industry believes that the current overall domestic and international market supply and demand of natural rubber is still tight, but the gap is narrowing between supply and demand growth in 2011 will Jiaojia rapid rise in 2010 into a modest rise.

Recently held in Shanghai attended the "Salon of rubber in 2011 double the money" professionals point out that on the price of natural rubber in 2010 by the tight supply and demand, dollar depreciation and the impact of domestic inflation, Hujiao starting from July 2010 to start a wave of rising prices, and promotion fund, broke through the highs and record high, late in the policy control of the pressure to fall, but the overall supply and demand of natural rubber market situation remains tight, the overall upward trend is still maintained, 1 month Since late Hujiao of price topped the 40,000 yuan / ton mark.

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