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China's tire industry in 2011 bumper accident

China's tire industry is full of challenges encountered by both the sharp decline of foreign markets, but also safeguard the huge U.S. hit. But it is inconceivable that, in addition to 1 to 2 months last year, the market is low, the whole tire industry sales are hot, almost all of the companies full capacity, the industry significantly reduce inventory, efficiency is greatly increased, most tire companies All enjoy the day more moisture. In short, the year-end inventory down is good news story of success. Even more shocking is that from the start of the year the stock market perspective, the tire industry, strong sales momentum continues unabated, many companies that demand exceeds supply, it seems worse than this year's trend also where. This is one of the reasons for that? Tire industry will be hot this year, really it? In the future also has been popular forever? Conducted in-depth interview with this reporter.

 Run last year tire industry figures are very nice.

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Tags: China's tire industry in 2011 bumper accident

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