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Natural rubber prices rose tire companies explore

For the recent surge in prices of natural rubber, tire manufacturers unsustainable situation, recently, China Rubber Industry Association, called the tire manufacturing enterprises in Hangzhou Zhongce tires, Double Coin Holdings Corporation, Delta Tires, Truck Tyre,Guizhou Tyre, good tires, exquisite tires, tires southern China, the first tires, tires and other representatives gathered Fengshen capital, explore countermeasures.

Since September 2010, natural rubber prices continued to rise in recent days close to 32,000 yuan / ton, led a variety of bulk products.

China Rubber Industry Association Tire Branch OTR Truck ure of the Secretary-General Tsai for the people of the view that the reason why a record high price of natural rubber, mainly for the following reasons: resource-based raw material prices, the demand for rubber rose sharply, production of natural rubber exporting countries restrict exports, the impact of climate lead to partial funding cuts and the futures market speculation.

Chen Jinrong, chairman of Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co., said the overall demand for natural rubber has increased more than in 2009, but also within the normal range, the gap between supply and demand should be at 20 million tons, but the gap in the country throwing 5 months ago State Reserve glue should make up the base.


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