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Tire on the car 's importance can not be ignored


A car is composed of thousands of parts, and each part, the general can only play a role. Tires, auto parts is one, but, the truck tires and other components of the role played by is not the same, it in the car travel to play the following four functions.

In 1, bear the load.

A car regardless of its weight, or takes the person or object, its weight is to go through the body to the tire, finally by the tire shoulder all the burdens, so, tire in bearing plays a very important role.

In 2, episodes of driving force and brake force

Because the tire is only in contact with the road car parts, therefore, whether it is a car starting, braking, parking trek, still should pass the tyre and the road " communication", and through the tire to end car or drive staff voluntarily.

In 3, buffer and shock absorption

Without a paved road, is mostly rugged gravel, pavement has many stone or pit, package, even paved road, there is often some obstacles, affects the vehicle's normal trek. In this case, the tire will carry forward its excellent buffer and shock-absorbing function, so that vehicles can be more comfortable circumstances. This is because, the tire itself is composed of 50% elastic or rubber, and the air in the tire of excellent shock absorption function, so can the car in bad pavement can also easily.

In 4, changes in automobile travel direction

Whether to still turn required by the car's tires to end, it often according to the drive member to change the direction of vehicle travel voluntarily.

Because of the tire with the four role, therefore, the automobile can be in uneven road safety, freedom, sensitive, comfortable journey; also because it has the four functions, therefore, the tire in the whole automobile parts of importance can not be ignored.

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Discussion on the classification of automobile tir


Mention of tire type, there are many kinds of method: according to vehicle classification, classification according to use, according to size, according to the markings classification, classification according to plan.

According to vehicle classification

Tire press vehicle classification, can be roughly divided into 8 types. Namely: PC -- LT -- car tire; light truck tire; TB -- truck and bus tire; AG -- agricultural vehicle tires; OTR -- engineering tyre; ID -- industrial vehicle tires; AC -- MC -- aircraft tire; motorcycle tire.

According to the classification of tire use

Tire press use classification, including truck tires, car tire and tire and other varieties of mine use.

Truck tire except in the sidewall superscript standard standard outside, still must indicate layer series. But here we need notice is, truck tire layer series does not refer to its theoretical layers, but refers to the use of high strength materials cord manufacturing the tire carcass, the load function is equivalent to using a cotton cord manufacturing the tire carcass ply rating. This is because cotton cord is first used in the manufacture of tire cord, therefore, international practice with cotton cord layer for marking tire plies benchmark. Not the same level, tire load can not. Even as a standard tire, due to its layer series is different, its load to is not the same, therefore, different levels of tyre, not on the same axis use, otherwise, running at high speed and load condition would be a risk. For example: the liberation of vehicle 900 - 20 tyres ( 16 level ) can not and 900 - 20 tyres ( 14 level ) and use of the same in a shaft, due to their different load levels, is not the same as, mix after brief seizure risk

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Promotion policy can or will set off on the tire

Yesterday, the market rumors of Qingdao Double Star to be 10% price increase in March. When the "Daily News " reporter called the company, the other issues that the company is not convenient for the price response. Guoxin Securities analyst Chen Aihua told reporters, tire prices have already implemented price increases, price increase of products at different prices vary, the average increase over the fourth quarter of last year by 3% to 4%. Despite price increases, but the day care car congenial group that slightly better bargaining power of the enterprise gross margin is still likely to decline by 3%, while the poor may decrease some of the more than 5%.

 Guoxin Securities analyst Chen Aihua that Qianlun Tai A shares with the Aeolus market in cost control and to better grasp the impact is relatively small, and Qingdao Double Star Despite the large scale, but lower gross profit margin, by the greater impact.


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New products friendly tire tires

Truck tires were new products, Nexans N800 and environmental tire N-BLUE. Currently, the Nexans factory in Qingdao, tires, 80% of the products for export, domestic sales of the products in only 20% and 20% in only 2% of the product supply car manufacturers. Nexans tire sales director, said the next step Nexans is one of the development plan to expand the field of automobile tire package, the current co-operation with Beijing Hyundai have been, but also in the other vehicle with a number of domestic enterprises on cooperation.


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Tubeless tires to achieve domestic production of r

According to reports, the technology is based on the chlorinated butyl rubber and brominated butyl rubber production technology based on small test done. Brominated butyl rubber manufacturing tubeless tires is irreplaceable raw materials, but also to raw materials, medical rubber products, is a strategic material. Prior to the production technology for the United States, Germany and other countries dominated by multinational corporations. The key technology for the realization of the localization, in 2009, and other relevant research team set up a pilot group of brominated butyl rubber, construction, annual output of 1,000 tons a pilot plant. 200 kg of product is the first trial in the all-steel radial tire, the product 10 million kilometers by the indoor high-speed analog and durability tests, are up to quality requirements. Researchers will further build a computer-controlled continuous production of 3,000 tons of brominated butyl rubber plant, breaking the bottleneck capacity constraints.

 It is reported that the technology was developed by Zhejiang University, Professor Chen Kom Tong Hall led the development, testing by the relevant departments, the major technical indicators and the quality of similar products imported considerable.

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Demonstrate innovative high-performance silicone r

WACKER's exhibition highlights include: fire safety requirements for the application of high and new solid silicone rubber composite components for the new hard and soft solid silicone rubber adhesive (HCR).

 In this exhibition, WACKER will be introduced to meet the highest fire safety standards of a new solid silicone rubber products - ELASTOSIL R 770. These products cure to form a self-extinguishing and flame retardant elastomer. They combustion of a small amount of smoke, and will not release toxic gases. These characteristics make ELASTOSIL R 770 series is suitable for use in rail vehicles, subway / light rail, aircraft, ships and buses are widely used in a variety of flexible moldings, profiles, panels, film and fiber-reinforced silicone band. Typical applications include: high-speed train doors, stick protection device and the wall sections, and the articulated buses off the train shed, aircraft, trains and ships on fire insulation pad.

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EU tire labeling regulations issued

It provides testing and certification services, TUV SÜD introduced, the legislation provides for standardized performance of the tire three requirements: fuel economy (ie Tire rolling resistance requirements), are divided into A to G grades 7; wet pavement caught Fertility levels, divided into 6 A to F grades; road noise levels, in accordance with the provisions of the noise value of the test is divided into three levels: N ≤ LV-3, LV-3 <N≤LV,N> LV, and black label Said. The reform of the vehicles in the new technical requirements, increased security with advanced technology components and equipment. In this regard, TUV's services will help customers in the timely adjustment of production problems, improve productivity and qualified to meet the high standards of EU exporters.

 In addition, EC1222/2009 force in itself, is more uniform in accordance with manufacturers specifications to identify yourself to the end consumer product performance, which makes the price advantage of domestic manufacturers were watered down. Therefore, TUV SÜD's experts recommend companies should pay more attention to improve product quality and performance, rather than meet the basic regulations to achieve market access and then to get the market through price advantage.

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2011 Asian Essen Tire Show

Asian Essen Tire Show has been held since 2007, adhering to the "brand awareness, promotion of trade"exhibition, now in its fourth has been successfully held in China. In the report released last year after the show, we are pleased to find that, regardless of the number of exhibitors, or the number of visitors have shown a steady growth trend. The scale of the show has expanded each year, show the meaning and forms studied under more and more colorful.

 November 2011 upcoming Fifth Asian Essen Tire Show, in addition to conventional display outside the exhibition hall, stadium will also be held outside the variety of activities, contact the organizers are well-known tire manufacturers, consultation jointly organized outdoor car drift Activities, will surely attract more professionals to the eye. Asian Essen Tire Show to provide quality service to win the exhibition, the exhibition process, to address the exhibitors, visitors participating in the different demands, set up multiple business service area, Internet area, business negotiation VIP room, prayer room (that is, respect for the exhibitors The national customs, but also ensure the privacy of religious people), the introduction of the food and beverage service providers, etc. to be convenient for business life, and many staff problems. Especially prominent is the show for free lunch and other services for exhibitors, all exhibitors receive the same recognition. Exhibition will be held over the same period more than technical forums, seminars, new product release is available for exhibitors and visitors an intuitive and efficient platform for brand awareness and make the professional visitors, buyers and exhibitors public financing for the business people One, to further promote the trade.

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