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Evonik Carbon Black decided to divest the status

Carbon black business of Evonik ranks second worldwide, with many high-quality well-known brands. Distributed in 12 countries to create a total of 1,700 employees by about 10 billion euros sales. Carbon Black business has great opportunities. 2009 sales fell by the economic crisis, and this year's profits would rebound to 2008 levels. English teacher, said Kay
Said: "We are actively looking for the advantage of the opportunities for black business to develop new situation. It is time for the owner to extend through the replacement and consolidation of its global business was Truck Tyre."

80% of Evonik is a global leader in the chemical business. Group in 2009 adopted a new strategy, announced that it will continue to streamline operations, more attention will focus on investment in key growth industries. Strategic Investment and Development will work with three global trends, that is, energy efficiency, health and nutrition, the combination of technological globalization. This is to further highlight the global leader in specialty chemicals, Evonik status of the enterprise. The Board decided to concentrate investment in the development potential of above-average business. In addition, because of its highly integrated chemical business, as well OTR Tyre as the importance of continued growth in Asian markets, Evonik that the stripping of carbon black business will enable them to make better development. Evonik Carbon Black is not the core business has been in earlier as a separate legal entity spun off.

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TDI production capacity is expanding rapidly chang

According to the Investment Adviser's "2010-2015 China Polyurethane Industry Investment Analysis and Forecast Report" shows that in 2005 11 million tons of TDI capacity / year, output was 90,000 tons; 2007 capacity of 29 million tons / year yield of 20 tons; estimated that by 2010, TDI production capacity of 70 tons / year, the operating rate Truck Tyre of 85% to calculate the output will reach 590,000 tons, the annual export volume will reach 10 million tons.

Chang Yi-che, TDI rapid increase in production capacity in China is mainly driven by market demand. At present, very rapid domestic economic development, China on the sofa, cushions, mattresses, car seats sponge consumer demand, and thus boost the demand for the domestic market for TDI, so TDI capacity expansion of domestic demand has a certain market. According to the Investment Adviser's "2010-2015 China Polyurethane Industry Investment Analysis and Forecast Report" shows that in 2006 the apparent consumption of TDI is about 33.7 million tons, estimated that by 2010, domestic demand will reach TDI 470,000 tons or so OTR Tyre.

Yi-Chi Chang also pointed out that international TDI production capacity to gradually shift to the Asian region is one of the factors of production capacity TDI. Chang Yi-che, TDI is highly toxic chemicals, as in Europe and America and other Western countries the increasing demand for environmental protection, these countries continue to shut down TDI manufacturers in Europe and America in the TDI production capacity, the TDI production line and gradually shift to Asia . In China, the world's largest developing country, with vast market potential. Moreover, China's environmental protection measures and related policies are not perfect, the international transfer of production capacity TDI important choice objects, thus increasing the capacity of domestic TDI. For example, BASF has invested in Shanghai TDI production capacity of 16 million tons; Bayer Building in Shanghai, the yield of 16 tons / year TDI production plant.

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Sen made to participate in the Eleventh Chengdu in

Johnson Rubber Co., Ltd. in Chengdu, sent Aug. 5, 2010 - 6 Day - 7 to participate in the Eleventh Western China International Equipment Truck Tyre Manufacturing Expo, then I will display the contents of four sections:

1, special rubber seal material products (auto parts, motorcycle parts, rubber parts, import of equipment, accessories, etc.);
2, Advanced engineering plastic products (auto parts, bearings, bushings, fluorine plastic products, etc.);
3, metal machining products (electric parts, switch parts, mold manufacturing, etc.);
4, cable accessories products (shrinkage, thermal electric power products, etc.).
Display Address: Chengdu New International Convention and Exhibition Centre Hall 3 A06-5; A06-6, welcomed the new and old OTR Tyre customers.

I wish the exhibition a great success!

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Michelin says will rise 10-50% this year Jiaojia

According to Shanghai Securities News reported that the Truck  Tyre French tire maker Michelin said the company Feb. 24, the strong demand for rubber prices will rise this year, 10% -50%. In 2003, global rubber prices rose by 21%, largely due to OTR Tyre China's rubber demand in 2003 grew by 87%. Michelin's total annual global demand for natural rubber, natural rubber demand about 10%.

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Automotive development new demands on the rubber i

Recently, the authority of the experts predict, from the beginning of 2005, China's auto market will see a new round of growth. Medium to long term, China's auto industry development prospects in the next 10 years will be 10% to 15% growth in 2010, the annual output is expected to reach 8 million, in 2020 the annual output is expected to grow to 12 million Truck Tyre.

The rapid development of automobile industry, rubber products for automotive and materials proposed new requirements, especially the performance of special rubber, huge demand, will bring China Special Rubber Development rare opportunity. Meanwhile, the Chinese special rubber industry, but also will promote the process of domestic auto parts.

According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers statistics and projections show that in 2005, China's auto industry on several key special rubber demand are: nitrile rubber (HNBR mainly) 1.43 million tons, 08,400 tons of acrylic rubber, fluorine rubber 05,000 tons, 03,500 tons of chlorine polyethylene rubber, silicone rubber 03,500 tons, 02,000 tons of rubber epichlorohydrin. In addition, some sort of high-performance dedicated butyl OTR Tyre rubber.

China rubber parts for the automotive industry is currently the subject most of the traditional rubber materials, such as natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, chloroprene rubber and EPDM rubber, and acrylic rubber, fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, hydrogenated nitrile rubber only a small amount of rubber and other special applications, where the main reason is China's rare species of special rubber products, the production does not scale, the product did not form a series, a lot of need to rely on imports from abroad. This is a considerable extent and impact of restrictions on China automotive rubber products to the high performance direction.


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Finally, the good offices of the tires safeguard

September 2, a confidential report will appear in the United States President Barack Obama's desk, it indicates that China exports to the U.S. safeguard action in the final stage, China also sent a delegation to Washington to make the final Truck Tyre of the mediation. August 31, China Rubber Industry Association, Xu Ying, Deputy Secretary-General told reporters that the Chinese Ministry of Commerce of the day there will be a delegation flew to the United States talks.

According to the investigation procedures, in consultation with the U.S. Treasury, U.S. Department of Labor and some other views, the U.S. Trade Representative's office will be Sept. 2 to submit a confidential recommendation to Obama, Obama can choose to September 3 - 17, any day, determine whether measures on Chinese exports to the United States related to the maximum 55% of the tire levy punitive tariffs. That is, starting from September 2 per day, the Chinese tire industry, 10 million workers their jobs, are likely because Obama made a final OTR Tyre decision by the special protective case broken.

Earlier, the United Steelworkers of America (United Steel workers) filed complaints, said in recent years, the influx of cheap Chinese tires to more than 5,000 members of the union lost their jobs.

Obama will face a dilemma, if he stood to the side of United Steelworkers of America, he faced accusations of protectionism, and even the risk of trade war, the Chinese side of the station may offend some American voters.

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China Rubber Industry Association recommends that

Yesterday, the U.S. tire on safeguard measures in China to the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Information Industry jointly held a briefing in Beijing. At the meeting, China Rubber Industry Association, the Ministry of Commerce to improve the export tax rebate rate to support the national brand products and lower import tariffs on raw materials, such as 7 proposals for the Government to support the Chinese tire company.

Because the United States on China's tire levy high tariffs, China's tire exports to the U.S. is expected to drop by 50%, and domestic workers, or 10 million tires will lose their jobs. PCR Tyre To this end, China Rubber Industry Association in yesterday's briefing to the Government for a 7-point proposal, including the tire businesses are more concerned about: the vehicle matching can be based on national brand tires; export tax rebate rate to 9% from the current return to the previous 13% to 15%; main raw material imports tariffs to 20% from the current to 5% or even free; government procurement also be able to own brands.

"The same quality of product, the price of foreign brands than we have about 35% of you, but government procurement are now purchasing these foreign OTR Tyre brands." Yesterday, the Guangzhou South China Rubber Tire Co., Ltd., general manager of Zou Yongzhi expressed the hope that the government can give support to enterprises, help companies weather the storm.

Part of the tire companies believe that if the vehicle matching the national brands, then the tire companies do not have national brand for export, because the Chinese market is large enough for U.S. companies do not have to set up factories in China, sold in the United States directly on it .


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April imports of synthetic rubber in China before

From January to April this year, a sharp rise in Chinese imports of synthetic rubber.

Latest Customs statistics show China 1-April, China imported a total 592,000 tons of synthetic rubber, up 60.3%, amounting to 1.46 billion truck tyre, an increase of almost twice the amount of increase, 113.3%.

Which, in April month, China imported 162,000 tons of synthetic rubber, 20,000 tons from last month to reduce the amount of 420 million U.S. dollars, dropped in more than 3500 million.

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