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December 2010 Overview of China's rubber imports

Latest data show China's General Administration of Customs, December 2010, China's imports of natural rubber (including latex) 18 million tons from the previous month, the amount of $ 640,000,000 from last month rose to $ 700,000,000.

January to December 2010 total of 1.86 million tons of natural rubber imports, the amount of $ 5,670,000,000, an increase of 8.8%, respectively, and 101.4%. 2009, imports amounted to 1.71 million tons in the year, but the amount is only $ 2,810,000,000, as of August 2010, China's natural rubber (including latex) total amount of imports has exceeded full year 2009, total imports.

December 2010, China imported synthetic rubber (including latex) 15.1 million tons, the amount of $ 440,000,000, total imports from January to December 2010, 1.565 million tons, the amount of $ 4,270,000,000, an increase of 6.3%, respectively, and 42.3%. Compared to the year 2009, total import volume exceeded 1.2 billion U.S. dollars, while imports only slightly higher than in 2009 (30 millions, 1.472 million tons).
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Argentina to follow the U.S. to investigate China

Reporter yesterday learned from the website of the Ministry of Commerce, the Argentine government had said or will refer to the practice in Brazil and the United States, originating in China's automobile tire anti-dumping investigations; do not rule out the tires of cars produced in China to impose anti-dumping duties.

Argentina automobile tires in China's anti-dumping investigations, once established, the Chinese tire exports are also facing new obstacles. Once this practice spread, China's tire exports to South America or the door will close. The face of wave after wave of special protective case wave of domestic enterprises in addition to actively be external, is now actively seeking to develop the local market. But the product adjustment, ineffective marketing channels are difficult to trade recycling enterprise "inward turn" have to face difficulties.

Experts suggest that the primary task is to adjust the export structure

The face of the spate of "special protection case", the National Development and Reform Commission, said Zhang Yansheng, director of the Institute of Foreign Economic Relations, in the current situation occurs tires safeguard is not surprising that Chinese enterprises can do is adjust the export structure, and utilize the "two markets and resources. " Zhang Yansheng said: "The low value-added, low technology content of products must be more easily lead to trade disputes, increase the technology content, increase innovation, casting brand influence to increase product competitiveness."
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US tires safeguard the legal and political challen

According to the proposed Section 421 demands that the United Steelworkers union, which believes that China exports to the U.S. increased substantially the number of commercial tire led to confusion in the market, want to restrict imports of tires from China. But since April since the incident, no one company, no one tire manufacturer, in introducing the demand.

Therefore, adjusting the plan does not exist. United Steelworkers of America, even if it has a plan (in fact it does not), nor the implementation of this plan, because the only tire manufacturer to do this. The union's legal advisers did not expect to need a plan, that is, special protection against China looks more like a measure of tire imports surge, rather than the affected industries to develop a transitional measure.

Although safeguards designed to prevent the export of China to the United States, and nothing more, and an adjustment program for special protection is a very key concept, Article 421 which has no formal requirements, the introduction of tire case, nor any adjustment program. However, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) also seems to realize that if there is no industry adjustment plan, special safeguard measures mean that there is no sense of relief.

And 201 (Editor's note: non-discrimination principle in the United States trade law on the basis of the same for all exporting countries to implement safeguards exports), and 421 (Editor's note: specifically for China, the United States believes that trade in non-market economy countries safeguards), a striking contrast to the example is a three-year implementation of gluten powder protection.


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Global tire market will shrink by 5% or

Markets in North America and Western Europe hit by the global economic downturn, the decline to increased market demand for tires, the global market even more significant. In addition, the domestic market in India is expected to grow, so this will offset the decline in demand for developed country markets. In recent years, China's impressive growth rate of the tire industry, has formed a pattern of almost 40% of exports.

China Rubber Industry Association Tire 34 domestic branch of the tire business statistics. Focus on the tire 45, 2008 total 238 million tire companies, an increase of 0.3%; sales revenue 131.5 billion yuan, an increase of 14.1%. Among them, the radial tire production of 190 million, an increase of 7.8%; radial rate of 79.9%, 5.6 percentage points increase. 62 radial tire manufacturers nationwide total to 263 million radial tire, an increase of 10.6%. In 2008 the national production of 350 million tires, meridian was 75.2%, increased by 5 percentage points.

The rubber tire industry output value of industry output value accounted for more than 65%.

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Spot rubber prices rose in Asia

According to sources, the Asian spot rubber prices, by increased demand driven market, supply reduction, the main producing countries due to enter the winter, rubber output contraction.

Traders in Singapore said China's demand is not only began to rise, the global trade also began to pick up spot rubber.

Support economic recovery and the automotive industry, thereby promoting the tire needs. Rubber, Indonesia SIR20 3,190 dollars a tonne, FOB price, April / May delivery. Malaysia SMR20 rubber 3,230 dollars a tonne, FOB price, April / May delivery. Today, thin trading due to falls on public holiday in Thailand. March / April shipment Yan Pianjiao RSS3 Thailand reported 3 cents per kilogram, 328-331, 326-329 cents per kilo reported the previous day.
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Recovery of the Japanese rubber industry began

In the financial crisis in Japan suffered a major loss of rubber companies finally see the dawn of recovery, Rubber Industry Association of Japan in 2010 as the industry difficult to survive the crisis and meet the recovery of the year. However, due to the sluggish economy in Japan, the auto industry remains sluggish recovery, the rubber industry to fully restore past levels, take some time.

By the world financial crisis, domestic demand in 2009 by a Japanese tire 128 million the previous year (down 4%), plummeted to 102 million, down 20%; production capacity from 182 million (down 2.1% ) fell to 137 million, down 24.7%, back to the level of production 20 years ago. In other rubber products, adhesive tape cut 24%, hose cut 35.3%, 37.1% cut products. Rubber resin content reduced to 1.2 million tons from the 1.64 million tons, down 26.8%
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The tire industry will fall into the plight of low

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Effectiveness of the domestic rubber industry

Seventh Shanghai Derivatives Market Forum 28-29 May 2010 at the Shanghai Pudong Shangri-La Hotel. The following is a Fan Rende China Rubber Industry Association Secretary-General's speech at the forum summary.

Fan Rende: 2010 is the implementation of the final year of Eleventh Five Year Plan, for resolving the international financial crisis and the enormous damage caused trade friction, ensuring stable and rapid development of China's rubber industry, for the second five starts is very important to lay a good foundation significance. China's rubber industry this year, the economic situation is not optimistic about the operation, from the external market environment, the U.S. safeguard action in the year 2009, no significant impact on the industry's performance out. Forum May 1-9 this year, 35% tariff increase, this year the tire industry safeguard against the worst year in China. China's tire exports to the U.S. 1-3 months decreased 18%, the year will affect the United States out of more than 2000 million sets of tires, the implementation of EU environmental barriers on imported tires, will seriously affect China's tire exports. Especially in the recent debt crisis occurred in Greece, the EU has affected the country's economic recovery, the appreciation of the RMB against the euro has reached 14.5%, which would seriously affect China's tires and other rubber products exports to the EU.
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