Recovery of the Japanese rubber industry began

In the financial crisis in Japan suffered a major loss of rubber companies finally see the dawn of recovery, Rubber Industry Association of Japan in 2010 as the industry difficult to survive the crisis and meet the recovery of the year. However, due to the sluggish economy in Japan, the auto industry remains sluggish recovery, the rubber industry to fully restore past levels, take some time.

By the world financial crisis, domestic demand in 2009 by a Japanese tire 128 million the previous year (down 4%), plummeted to 102 million, down 20%; production capacity from 182 million (down 2.1% ) fell to 137 million, down 24.7%, back to the level of production 20 years ago. In other rubber products, adhesive tape cut 24%, hose cut 35.3%, 37.1% cut products. Rubber resin content reduced to 1.2 million tons from the 1.64 million tons, down 26.8%
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