How China's rubber industry out of the woods

Fan Rende China Rubber Industry Association, said recently that 2010 will be a "safeguard action" on the most serious damage to the tire industry in China a year, tires and other rubber products, the world market is not significantly warmer, which adds to run the Chinese rubber industry difficulties in 2010 may become the new century, the development of rubber industry in China since the most difficult year.

Fan Rende also pointed out that currently China's rubber industry is facing its own economic development in transition and the external market environment, the dual test of complex, despite the adverse external environment, many factors, but in 2010 also contains a greater hope and opportunity of the year. The state will continue to implement measures to stimulate the development of the automotive industry, rubber industry closely related, the development of automobile industry in 2010 will be the rubber tires and other automotive products, stable and rapid development of important pull factors.

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