Global tire market will shrink by 5% or

Markets in North America and Western Europe hit by the global economic downturn, the decline to increased market demand for tires, the global market even more significant. In addition, the domestic market in India is expected to grow, so this will offset the decline in demand for developed country markets. In recent years, China's impressive growth rate of the tire industry, has formed a pattern of almost 40% of exports.

China Rubber Industry Association Tire 34 domestic branch of the tire business statistics. Focus on the tire 45, 2008 total 238 million tire companies, an increase of 0.3%; sales revenue 131.5 billion yuan, an increase of 14.1%. Among them, the radial tire production of 190 million, an increase of 7.8%; radial rate of 79.9%, 5.6 percentage points increase. 62 radial tire manufacturers nationwide total to 263 million radial tire, an increase of 10.6%. In 2008 the national production of 350 million tires, meridian was 75.2%, increased by 5 percentage points.

The rubber tire industry output value of industry output value accounted for more than 65%.

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