Argentina to follow the U.S. to investigate China

Reporter yesterday learned from the website of the Ministry of Commerce, the Argentine government had said or will refer to the practice in Brazil and the United States, originating in China's automobile tire anti-dumping investigations; do not rule out the tires of cars produced in China to impose anti-dumping duties.

Argentina automobile tires in China's anti-dumping investigations, once established, the Chinese tire exports are also facing new obstacles. Once this practice spread, China's tire exports to South America or the door will close. The face of wave after wave of special protective case wave of domestic enterprises in addition to actively be external, is now actively seeking to develop the local market. But the product adjustment, ineffective marketing channels are difficult to trade recycling enterprise "inward turn" have to face difficulties.

Experts suggest that the primary task is to adjust the export structure

The face of the spate of "special protection case", the National Development and Reform Commission, said Zhang Yansheng, director of the Institute of Foreign Economic Relations, in the current situation occurs tires safeguard is not surprising that Chinese enterprises can do is adjust the export structure, and utilize the "two markets and resources. " Zhang Yansheng said: "The low value-added, low technology content of products must be more easily lead to trade disputes, increase the technology content, increase innovation, casting brand influence to increase product competitiveness."
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