December 2010 Overview of China's rubber imports

Latest data show China's General Administration of Customs, December 2010, China's imports of natural rubber (including latex) 18 million tons from the previous month, the amount of $ 640,000,000 from last month rose to $ 700,000,000.

January to December 2010 total of 1.86 million tons of natural rubber imports, the amount of $ 5,670,000,000, an increase of 8.8%, respectively, and 101.4%. 2009, imports amounted to 1.71 million tons in the year, but the amount is only $ 2,810,000,000, as of August 2010, China's natural rubber (including latex) total amount of imports has exceeded full year 2009, total imports.

December 2010, China imported synthetic rubber (including latex) 15.1 million tons, the amount of $ 440,000,000, total imports from January to December 2010, 1.565 million tons, the amount of $ 4,270,000,000, an increase of 6.3%, respectively, and 42.3%. Compared to the year 2009, total import volume exceeded 1.2 billion U.S. dollars, while imports only slightly higher than in 2009 (30 millions, 1.472 million tons).
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