Natural rubber prices in 2011

The industry believes that the current overall domestic and international market supply and demand of natural rubber is still tight, but the gap is narrowing between supply and demand growth in 2011 will Jiaojia rapid rise in 2010 into a modest rise.

Recently held in Shanghai attended the "Salon of rubber in 2011 double the money" professionals point out that on the price of natural rubber in 2010 by the tight supply and demand, dollar depreciation and the impact of domestic inflation, Hujiao starting from July 2010 to start a wave of rising prices, and promotion fund, broke through the highs and record high, late in the policy control of the pressure to fall, but the overall supply and demand of natural rubber market situation remains tight, the overall upward trend is still maintained, 1 month Since late Hujiao of price topped the 40,000 yuan / ton mark.

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