Comprehensive utilization of waste tires formal

January 20, the Ministry of Foreign issued "guidance utilization of waste tires" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinion") to encourage the development of waste tire business in 2015 to enhance the level of domestic tires refurbished. Views that include the truck tire retreading rate to 25%, mega tire retreading rate to 30%, passenger car tire retreading to achieve a breakthrough, foster comprehensive utilization of waste tires is about 10 well-known enterprises.

It is understood that the world's total rubber consumption in China average 30% of total rubber consumption in each of the required rubber products industry more than 70% natural rubber, synthetic rubber more than 40% need to import, supply and demand is very prominent, of rubber shortage of resources national economic development is becoming more evident. Rubber tires is the most important. Related statistics show that in 2009 China accounted for production of tire rubber consumption of rubber resources consumed in the country about 70% of production tires 233 million years, the weight of about 8.6 million tons, equivalent to about 300 million tons of rubber resources.

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