The full realization of styrene-butadiene rubber

Ago, the EU has developed stringent regulations SBR on the international market of such products strictly limited. Out of the dilemma for the industry to survive, Research Institute of Jilin Petrochemical plant in close collaboration with organic synthesis, has built a national Engineering Research Center of carbon fiber as the representative of the carbon fiber, synthetic rubber, synthetic resin, petroleum fuel ethanol R & D centers in China 4.

 SBR 1502E environmental protection is a key project of Jilin Petrochemical, January 12 this year, the official line of SBR feeding device B, by SBR1502 switch SBR1502E. 13, plastic extrusion lines 24 hours when the first piece of plastic to achieve the environmental protection SBR 1502E industrial test drive a success. Jilin Jihua SBR total of three production lines, a line of environmentally friendly production of styrene butadiene rubber 1500E, the other two lines of environmentally friendly production of colorless SBR 1502E. So far, the Jilin Petrochemical 1502E has produced 1,000 tons of products, a total of 16 million tons production capacity of styrene butadiene rubber to achieve full environmental upgrades.

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