Annual output of 16 million tons of carbon black

Recently learned. Black Cat 457 million capital increase shares to raise funds subsidiary of Handan black cat, to build an annual output of 16 million tons of carbon black project. Announcement shows that 89.5% of those for carbon black products will be used for the rubber industry, of which about 67.5% for car tires.

 Carbon black is one of the old industrial products, mainly used in rubber processing, rubber by mixing as a reinforcing agent added (see enhanced material) and filler. Hydrocarbons under strictly controlled conditions or by incomplete combustion of gas from thermal decomposition of black powder like substance. Used as rubber reinforcing agent and filler, its consumption is about half the consumption of rubber, rubber, carbon black carbon black accounts for 94% of the total, of which about 60% for tire manufacturing.

from Truck Tyre  OTR Tyre

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