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Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently issued a "guidance, comprehensive utilization of waste tires" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance"), proposed in 2015, the domestic truck tire retreading rate will be increased to 25%, mega tire retreading rate will be increased to 30 %, passenger car tire retreading to achieve a breakthrough, and to nurture the comprehensive utilization of waste tire about 10 well-known enterprises. Ministry of Industry and Energy and Resources Utilization Department of the Director of HJ utilization, said the introduction of the guidance has been brewing time, and its purpose is the renovation through the waste tire to make up for the domestic market, shortage of natural rubber. Since the second half, natural rubber prices have been rising, led in a variety of commodities. January 19 futures markets, varieties of natural rubber to be a star again, a particularly eye-catching. Shanghai Futures Exchange's main contract price of natural rubber soared 1,865 yuan / ton, close to the daily limit, to close at 39,920 yuan end / ton, a record high, is one step away from the 4 million mark. Since the end of November last year, the short-term lows, one and a half hours, natural rubber prices have risen more than 30%. In such a high cost, the China Rubber Industry Association, said not without worries, beginning in 2011, the industry's loss will be on the basis of 50% continues to expand.

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