Tire market competition will once again has change

China's tire industry is facing a greater challenge, in many adverse conditions, industry consolidation mergers and acquisitions, find new export, are put before them the great challenges

After the "safeguard of the times" in the domestic tire industry, costs, and other competitive pressures in exports against the background of moving into industry-related fields in order to occupy a leading position in the market.

The performance of 2009 experience "blowout", the boom of the domestic tire industry will face downward pressure. Although more than half of this year, but the pressure the industry is still too large, in the second half, there is expected to show that China's tire industry is facing a greater challenge, in many adverse conditions, industry consolidation mergers and acquisitions, find new export, are put before them huge problem.

In the beginning of this year, China Rubber Industry Association, 28 th General Conference, the China Rubber Industry Association President Fan Rende also to point out, industry to be alert to the problem of overcapacity, to avoid blind expansion of production Meantime, the industry wants to change the growth mode, for industry upgrade changes.

The future of the domestic tire industry, the go? Insiders said in an interview, leading enterprises to increase the policy and funding efforts to support and encourage good corporate group, the focus on the domestic market, the adverse foreign policy, the positive changes, to expand in emerging markets, efforts to improve market share.

Into the emerging field

Positive changes, many tire companies are becoming the new round of competitive location.

Recently, reporters from the Chinese Qin Rubber Industry Group understands that the Chinese Qin Group, Carlyle Group, the United States, the United States Goodyear Group jointly invested 200 million U.S. dollars, with Goodyear's advanced technology and process projects the domestic top-level high-pressure hose, ground in China Group Co., Ltd. Shandong security can be formally rubber conveyor belt construction.

It is understood that security can project planning company hose capacity 100 million standard meters, total investment of 200 million U.S. dollars; one of 5,000 million standard meters, invested 120 million U.S. dollars, with Goodyear Group technology, the main products are steel wire spiral rubber hose , steel wire braided hose, hose and manual compilation of filament winding hose wrapped around four major categories of products. High-pressure hose project will start construction by the end of July, plans put into operation early 2011.

The world's largest conveyor belt business, also signed deals to enter the field of higher profits, insiders said that in the previous case of Europe and the United States under the influence of special protection, the level of the domestic tire industry profitability declined sharply into new areas and help enterprises to improve competitiveness, while higher profits.

Last month, Standard & Poor's report has confirmed the status of the domestic tire industry. Report, expects the global tire sales had improved in 2010, in addition to raw material prices and consumer savings practice will also enable increased profits. Other parts of the tire demand growth and China, India and other developing countries, consistent with economic growth expected in China and India economic growth in 2010 will reach 7.8% and 9.9%.

It is understood that conveyor belt Rubber Co., Ltd. Shandong security to ground by the China Group and Carlyle Group of the United States, Goodyear Group in 2007, a joint venture company, according to chairman Qin Hua Yi Shun introduced cattle, security company is expected to end next year listed in Hong Kong to achieve.

Market competition has changed

The current market so many companies do not wander before, in the case of special protection, not only sales decline than the previous, negative in the current context of how to seek a breakthrough, a business focus.

It is understood that American tires safeguard for many export-oriented domestic tire companies to shift the domestic energy, after experiencing a short-term prices, as raw material prices fall, the next price war is inevitable.

Media reports, Nexans Tire Co., Ltd. Qingdao, vice president of Park Hong Zhe earlier in an interview that although the tire market, will be the long run the growth of the auto market to expand, but the fluctuations in raw material prices, the impact of multinational enterprises and the burgeoning local tire context of competition between tire companies will be more intense truck tyre.

The current market structure, some have suggested, tire market in the future market shuffling in a number of enterprises will be eliminated.

Xia in adverse conditions to assume an advantageous position, one of the industry leading enterprise shares Gongsijianyi Qingdao tournament Lun, the current need 用 new ideas and models Dapochuantong the industry Geju, Jia Tai Industry consolidation efforts and enabling distributed Ziyuanzhubu Jizhong and ultimately the formation of the industry, "China brand" rather than "Made in China", China's tire industry to finally break the deadlock in the world market foothold.

Ministry of Industry and issued a document is more to point out, in which Beijing Xia, China's tire should turn pressure into motivation, accelerate technological Sheng Ji, promote the restructuring, promoting energy-saving emission reduction, change Fazhan way, for the tire industry You "processing of value-added" to the "Design value-added "changes from" production value "to" service value "changes from" doing product "to" make the brand "change, relying on technological innovation and sustainable development in the tire industry to build new production model.

In the Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Industry and Development and Reform Commission, petrochemical association's support for Xia, Chinese tire manufacturers, rubber machinery enterprises, raw materials production enterprises and the universities, research institutions of other organizations of the Dai Biao Yi Ji established the "Innovation of the tire Chanyejishu strategic alliance. " Group led by the triangle of this strategic alliance will target the international tire industry trends, vigorously promote the China's tire industry in new product technology, new materials, new technology, key equipment and technology, information control technology and other areas of independent innovation, enhance core competitiveness.

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