Sweden to enter the Chinese tire market

Swedish auto parts supplier Trelleborg (Trelleborg) has recently acquired a company in eastern China, to expand the group special-purpose tire products in China market, especially the agricultural tire market. Details of the transaction were not disclosed.

 It is reported that, Trelleborg has acquired the Chinese company's existing facilities, but also absorbed about 180 employees. Chinese companies acquired U.S. Maine Industrial Tire LLC, a subsidiary of the Group in China. Trelleborg said the completion of this acquisition, the company will become the production of agricultural tires in China, the largest independent foreign producers, not only facilitate the acquisition of customers in China, but also for the domestic market in China, serving customers in Europe and America.

 Trelleborg Wheel Systems business, said president Maurizio Vischi, "China has great potential for agricultural machinery market. At present half of China's agricultural activities to be completed by manpower, vehicles and machinery is rapidly replacing the human. "


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