car prices do not choose to self-brand tires

Recently, the third Asian Essen Tire Show in Shanghai. Essen Tire Show (REIFEN) is the world's most famous tire development, this has attracted more than 20 countries from more than 200 exhibitors, it is clear "Do cars market " is the biggest incentive. In this exhibition, like Hangzhou Zhongce, Shanghai, double the money, the first tires and other large domestic manufacturers have introduced a large number of new high-tech tires, but the market was still not ideal. "Why China's joint-venture automobile manufacturers do not choose their own brand of tires?"The problem to work out a lifetime of rubber Ju Hongzhen confused, Ju Hongzhen is the honorary president of China Rubber Industry Association.

 "comparable to the quality of domestic brand tires, brand influence is worlds apart. " Ju Hongzhen said that in front of a huge market, own-brand tire business is still in a weak position. At present, the annual sales income of over three billion of the tire company, Hangzhou Zhongce, Triangle and exquisite Group, tire companies have prepared to have a specific brand building on the plan.

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