Chinese-made tires in 2010 nearly 780 million

Development and Reform Commission, according to the latest report, China now has more than 440 tire companies, number of employees 28 million people. In 2010, China's tire industry presents three major characteristics: rapid growth of product output, foreign trade will gradually enlarge the investment to maintain rapid growth.

2010, the year China produced 776 million tire rubber tires, an increase of 19.8%. Total imports and exports 11.45 billion U.S. dollars tires, up 34.8%; which exports tires 369,677,000, an increase of 22.3%, higher than the growth rate of tire production. Whole industry invested a total of 35.44 billion yuan, an increase of 29.5%, the growth rate higher than the total national growth rate of investment assets of about 5 percentage points.

Since October 2010, by the rapid rise in the price of natural rubber, tire costs have risen sharply, and enterprises have fallen sharply, a considerable number of companies have plunged into losses. If the long-term high Jiaojia continues, it will seriously affect the healthy development of China's tire industry.


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