Pneumatic tire 60-year history of the development

Long time ago, the tire is made of wood, iron and other materials, the first hollow wheel is Robert Thomson in 1845 the British invention. He proposed flexible capsule filled with compressed air in order to ease the movement of the vibration and shock. Although at the time of the tire is made ​​of canvas with leather and glue, however, has been shown that tire rolling resistance advantages. According to this theory, John Dunlop in 1888 made ​​of hollow rubber tires, then Thomas has created a hollow with a rubber tire valve switch. Unfortunately, because there is no inner canvas, can not maintain a certain cross sectional shape and cross section width.

 With the advent of the automobile in 1895, the development of pneumatic tires widely. The first sample is the tire appeared in France in 1895, which is made ​​of canvas by the plain single-tube type tire, no tread pattern though. Until 1908-1912, the tires have a significant change, that is, tread with improved performance on the pattern, thus opening up the history of the tire tread and tire section width increases, allowing a lower Internal pressure, in order to guarantee access to good cushioning properties.


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