International Rubber Alliance Rubber export

Singapore, Nov. 11, according to news, International Rubber Union chief executive said on Wednesday, later this month at the meeting of the organization, not decided to resume the rubber export restrictions, due to the current price is reasonable.

 Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia cut rubber exports this year has surpassed its goals.

 He also said that if rubber prices continue to sustain the current level, TRC. there would be no need to continue to export restrictions.

 October 23, TOCOM benchmark rubber contract rose to a one-year high - 235.7 yen per kg.

 He said the current sale of rubber growers profitable, so the TRC. Agreed to increase sales, and demand is good, and will not control the sales.

 TRC. from Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, composed of the three largest producing countries, the organization plans to hold a meeting later this month.

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