China to tires to the world

ASIA WORLD TIRE EXPO 2011 (World Tire Asian Development) hereinafter referred to as (AWTE2011) scheduled for October 12, 2011 -15 at the "Beijing - China International Exhibition Center " held for the global tire business sounded the assembly number! Exhibition will take the situation, what specific content, how the progress of the preparations, with these problems, CCTV reporter interviewed the responsible person of the organizing committee, ahead of some of the highlights of Yu Yi broke the news to readers.

 According to reports, ASIA WORLD TIRE EXPO 2011 (World Tire Asia exhibition) is the lead Council for the Promotion of International Trade held, and rubber tires over 30 countries International Tire Association jointly organized event, the exhibition will come from domestic and foreign tire manufacturers, distribution Business, raw materials, production, testing equipment, refurbishment and maintenance providers, national associations will organize a delegation generous rubber tires, big team debut, which only overseas, as many as a dozen pavilions, accounting for half of the show great, while the Chinese tire industry Also a large team debut. "AWTE2011" in size is absolutely no less than other industry show. Up to now, has reached 120 exhibitors are expected to reach 400 exhibitors will be about, then AWTE will present you a gluttonous feast.


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