Tire and Rubber plant in Asia to increase investme

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Vice President and General Manager of Asia Pacific, said Keh-Chang Tsaur, "Cooper Kenda Tire (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. management team and staff around the clock hard work the company has established a world-class facility for the production of high quality and competitive Products. We look forward to the company to continue to play Cooper Tire & Rubber Company an important role in the global supply chain. "

 Cooper Tire & Rubber Company vice president and president of the International Mr. Miller said, "We in the joint venture partners for the Cooper Kenda Tire (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. brought about the establishment and growth of the contribution is priceless, both sides Also benefit through joint efforts. We make the new company's ownership of the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company will continue to grow and strengthen competitiveness. our new company, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company on the future of the role played by excited.

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