New new gasket sealing gasket

In order to understand the application of this material in the harsh environment of the anti-aging, Klinger de pan containing sealing material placed in the high temperature environment, and their three-point bending test (ISO178). Test results confirmed that "even in high temperature environment of 200 degrees C is placed after 600 hours, Klinger Quantum of other fiber-reinforced flexible sealing material is 8 times, thanks in part to de-pan. "The material Other sealing applications related tests have good performance. Reliable and long life characteristics make this material into high temperature steam pipe of choice. LANXESS hydrogenated nitrile rubber as a unique molecular structure, Quantum is also suitable for oil seal, water, steam, gas, salt solution, fuel, alcohol, weak organic acids and inorganic acids, hydrocarbons, lubricants and The use of refrigerants.


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