Rare earth isoprene rubber to replace natural

Isoprene rubber, also known as "synthetic natural rubber" because of the structure closest to the natural rubber, as the best alternative to natural rubber can be widely used in tires, belt, hose and other rubber application products, is a synthetic rubber adhesive seven basic the only species unable to industrial production of plastic types. Isoprene rubber as soon as possible the size of industry, not only can solve the problem of inadequate resources, natural rubber, and the EPA can promote the comprehensive utilization of fractions. Of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun, Jilin Petrochemical Company of China Petroleum science and technology support projects in the country, "isoprene rubber production technology development," the support, carried out isoprene rubber production technology development. Worked in the catalyst, polymerization and condensation process, cis-isoprene rubber content, molecular weight and its distribution has made important breakthroughs in control, first with China's own intellectual property rights, high molecular weight, narrow molecular weight distribution and high-cis 1,4 structure content New rare earth isoprene rubber, and die in 20 liters of continuous polymerization pilot plant tests carried out on a lot to develop pilot products, and successfully applied to all steel truck radial tire.

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