2010 China Supply Pattern of styrene butadiene

The actual situation of the international market is a styrene-butadiene rubber plant operating rate of less than 80%, especially around Japan, Korea and Russia, the export surplus to the Chinese market, rubber, tire companies and some multinational joint ventures or wholly-owned plant in China imports the local priority Domestic products (such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan), some larger enterprises tire exports through the export of tires can be imported at preferential prices of rubber raw materials, some to feed the processing trade imported products must be used, so even if the domestic production of styrene butadiene rubber Capacity to meet domestic market demand, annual imports of styrene-butadiene rubber may still be maintained at the level of 15 million tons or even more, so if China wants to consume the excess part of the SBR must increase the proportion of exports. In addition, because of trade barriers to increase exports, improve the resistance to the export of rubber products, rubber and indirect decline in external demand growth.

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