China's tire market at deep ills

3 • 15 party this year on CCTV exposed, "Kumho Tires use a lot of back mixing" of a ripple. However, the problem is not CCTV Kumho Tire "sudden discovery. "

 In 2008, Kumho Tire deep "bulge"incident, in late 2007 to early 2008, Kumho Tire experience "breaking the door"storm. In addition, in 2004 and 2006, Kumho Tire in the United States has also conducted two large-scale recall.

 China Quality Association in quality and service vehicles only release specific information website "car people network " of complaints over the past few years, the report, the list has been more Kumho Tires.

 The CCTV exposure, the Kumho's first reaction was: "Our use of rubber on the back to develop a scientifically sound production technology standards, and strictly follow the standard production line for production operations, the original film plastic, plastic to add back Ratio is calculated according to weight, not the number of direct proportion, so simple in the video by adding different amount of the compound to determine the Division I violations, is not accurate. "

 Until March 16 at noon, Kumho Tires still posted on its official news microblogging, insisting that reports are not accurate.
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