Or will the global synthetic rubber prices rose

Because the tire manufacturer orders from the surge in prices prompted the natural rubber tire manufacturers look for cheaper alternative raw materials - synthetic rubber, synthetic rubber prices are likely to be the world rose sharply.

 Because of tight supply of natural rubber prices rose to a record over 3.50 U.S. dollars / kg (3,500 U.S. dollars / ton, 2,590 euro / ton), as Thailand - the world's largest natural rubber producing countries - from the extreme dry weather problems.

 Synthetic rubber prices now seem to be more expensive synthetic rubber prices in Asia to maintain 2500-2850 U.S. dollars / ton level, market participants said. Natural rubber and synthetic rubber are substitutes available, prices are usually in linkage state.

 Natural rubber prices rose to a tight supply of synthetic rubber market to further increase the pressure, while the synthetic rubber market recently, plagued by soaring prices of raw materials, butadiene, industry sources said.

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