Demonstrate innovative high-performance silicone r

WACKER's exhibition highlights include: fire safety requirements for the application of high and new solid silicone rubber composite components for the new hard and soft solid silicone rubber adhesive (HCR).

 In this exhibition, WACKER will be introduced to meet the highest fire safety standards of a new solid silicone rubber products - ELASTOSIL R 770. These products cure to form a self-extinguishing and flame retardant elastomer. They combustion of a small amount of smoke, and will not release toxic gases. These characteristics make ELASTOSIL R 770 series is suitable for use in rail vehicles, subway / light rail, aircraft, ships and buses are widely used in a variety of flexible moldings, profiles, panels, film and fiber-reinforced silicone band. Typical applications include: high-speed train doors, stick protection device and the wall sections, and the articulated buses off the train shed, aircraft, trains and ships on fire insulation pad.

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