Promotion policy can or will set off on the tire

Yesterday, the market rumors of Qingdao Double Star to be 10% price increase in March. When the "Daily News " reporter called the company, the other issues that the company is not convenient for the price response. Guoxin Securities analyst Chen Aihua told reporters, tire prices have already implemented price increases, price increase of products at different prices vary, the average increase over the fourth quarter of last year by 3% to 4%. Despite price increases, but the day care car congenial group that slightly better bargaining power of the enterprise gross margin is still likely to decline by 3%, while the poor may decrease some of the more than 5%.

 Guoxin Securities analyst Chen Aihua that Qianlun Tai A shares with the Aeolus market in cost control and to better grasp the impact is relatively small, and Qingdao Double Star Despite the large scale, but lower gross profit margin, by the greater impact.


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