Effectiveness of the domestic rubber industry in 2

Seventh Shanghai Derivatives Market Forum 28-29 May 2010 in Shanghai Pudong Shangri-La Hotel. The following is China Rubber Industry Association, the Secretary-General Fan Rende summary speech at the Forum.

Fan Rende: 2010 is the implementation of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan of the last year for resolving the international financial crisis and the enormous damage caused by trade, ensuring stable and rapid development of China rubber industry, for the second five starts with a good foundation is important significance. This year China's rubber industry's economic situation is not optimistic about the operation, from the external market environment, the United States tires safeguard in the year 2009, no significant impact on the industry's performance out. 1-9 months of this year Forum 35% tariff increase, so this year, tires safeguard against the worst year for our industry. China's tire exports to the U.S. 1-3 months decreased 18%, the year will affect the United States out of more than 2000 million sets of tires, the implementation of EU environmental barriers on imported tires, will seriously affect China's tire exports. In particular, the recent debt crisis occurred in Greece, the EU has affected the country's economic recovery, the appreciation of the yuan against the euro has reached 14.5%, which would seriously affect China's tires and other rubber products exports to the EU.

From the domestic environment, stimulating domestic demand in China this year than last year weakened, particularly real estate direct impact on cooling the steel, cement and rubber products market close, while prices of natural rubber and other raw materials has soared in recent years, instability will also affect the Rubber Industry quality within the industry in terms of the rubber industry in China is facing its own economic development, restructuring truck tire and the external market environment, the dual test complex. These factors determine the rubber industry in China will encounter great difficulties in running and economic benefits will be decreased greatly. Despite the unfavorable external environment factors, but this year is more hidden in a year of hope and giving, we believe that countries in 2010 will maintain the continuity and stability of macroeconomic policies, especially the state will continue program stimulates the development of automobile industry initiatives. Rubber industry has been closely related to the development of automobile industry will be this year's rubber tires and other automotive products steady and rapid development of a major factor, although sales of motor vehicles this year than last year's hot, but according to China Association of Automobile Gu introduced the Secretary-General this year, Auto production will reach 16 million sets of the above, an increase of more than 20% will be maintained.

Another highway, high-speed railway and airport construction and other basic infrastructure projects continue will further promote the right tires, tape Gong Cheng products, finally, the Kuo Tai as stimulating domestic demand in rural Xuqiu the  move to modern Nong Ye Fa Zhan mode of economic development as a major change task, to build a socialist new countryside and promote the role of urbanization as a guarantee stable and rapid economic development of lasting impetus to pursue the cars, and motorcycles countryside activities, to further promote the various products on the demand for rubber, Xiang Xin Xiang Jiao Industrial Jiang China seize the opportunity, in adjusting the industrial structure and changing the growth modes of great efforts, 以 meet domestic and international market changes, Gong Ye Qiang of Rubber in 2010 and maintained a steady and rapid of 发展 an overall increase will be lower Shui Ping, Tai Bufen of Product output will grow by more than 6%, but greater efficiency decreased.

China is the world's largest rubber industrialized nations, China's rubber industry can not develop without the development of large domestic and international economic environment, post-crisis era in the world rubber industry sustainable development requires truck tyre governments and rubber industries upstream and downstream industries of mutual communication and cooperation . Natural rubber is a global trade in bulk goods, we advocate natural rubber producers, distributors, investors, futures, commodity futures investors, joint collaboration, integrity management, strengthen dialogue, build a global rubber trade, stable and healthy order. Maintain the rubber industry, including upstream and downstream industries continue to common development, we hope to work together to reduce the upstream and downstream industries of international financial damage, reduce the recovery of the risk, into a sustained and stable development track.

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