Tire power drove to an important "turning point"

First, the industry chain and downstream industry should work together to continue to increase technology investment, enhance the independent R & D and innovation. To create a testing ground and the tire industry, national engineering technology centers, for industry, academia, research cooperation, closely following and the development of cutting edge tire technology, through innovation, integration and the introduction of absorption and innovation, to break the international high-end tire technology and products monopoly situation, constantly nurturing the independent development of intellectual property and advanced technological capabilities of the environment.

Secondly, should also be low-carbon, green, environmental, safety, high performance, intelligent product innovation as the main direction, from raw material selection, formula, pattern, contour, structure aspects, design and development of environmental protection, energy saving "green tire "to reduce dependence on petrochemicals raw materials and reduce vehicle fuel consumption and carbon emissions, reducing environmental pollution; make modern electronic and information technology combined with the tire design and manufacturing to develop" smart tire, "dynamic monitoring tire pressure to run, temperature, speed, etc., to improve safety performance; to develop high-grip performance, high control performance, lack of gas-Performance "safe tires."

In addition, the application should also be actively developing "low-carbon-based, flexible and intelligent" production line, the establishment of the tire model of green manufacturing industry, actively promote and develop the tire industry, economy, create an international low-carbon technology R & D team and the green supply chain.

To achieve better and faster development of China's tire industry, suggested that the state industrial policy as soon as possible, on the healthy development of China's tire industry to strengthen management. One is to actively guide and support their own brands to promote technological innovation, changes in mode of development, construction of low-carbon, green, efficient productivity; 2 is uniformly tire quality, safety, environmental protection, energy saving, Xiao Hao's technical specifications and other mandatory requirements, the establishment of tire exporters of technical standards and certification systems, reduce resource waste and the hazards of international trade barriers; third is to actively develop a strategic green rubber industry in emerging industries and actively develop the second natural rubber - EUG resources, improve the production of natural rubber in China and rubber industry's international status and the right to speak; four are firmly banned the import of used tires, used tires as soon as possible ban on the import directory to include the abolition of customs codes, to prevent importers take advantage of, to avoid waste tire market in China into the world .

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