Truck tire how to classify and use?


Truck tire species complex, hundreds more, according to the general habit of tire pressure, purpose, planning, load capacity and other elements of a general classification. According to the plan is different, can be divided into bias tire and radial tire; according to the matrix skeleton materials are not the same, can be divided into artificial silk cord tires, nylon tire cord, polyester tire cord, steel wire tire cord and pouring tire; in accordance with tubeless, can be divided into inner tube and tubeless tyre tire; according to the standard size, can be divided into giant, large, medium and small tire; according to the use of different, can be divided into automobile tires, OTR tire, agricultural and forestry tyre, tire, motorcycle tire tire. During the automobile tire uses can be divided into 5 categories: car tires, light load tyre, tyre, and mining, off-road tire.

The international standard rules, should according to the tire use classification.

Automobile tire planning in accordance with different can be divided for bias tire and radial tire.

Bias tire carcass ply layer and a buffer layer in the adjacent layer Cord Cross, and of the tread center line is less than 90 degrees are inflatable tires, tire ( referred to as the radial tire carcass ply ) and the tread center line form an angle of 90 degrees or 90 degrees is placed near the earth, similar to the meridian line method of tire.

The first selection bias tire fibers as the reinforcement material of tire, industrial equipment is relatively simple and technical content is low, in the process of using the heat high, not suitable for high speed travel, mainly for agricultural vehicles, the low speed truck and bus function. From the direction of the development, to the early tire varieties, will be gradually pick. While the radial tire as depicted on the advantages and ply number, plus in the crown increases the strength and endurance of larger belt, its internal friction and rolling power is small, wear resistance is greatly improved, so the rational planning, high speed, oil saving, safety, comfortable and other interests, with diagonal tyre incomparable superiority, is the bias tire replacement.

Radial tire carcass material according to different can divide for all steel radial tire, semi steel radial tire and all fiber radial tire. Semi steel radial tire is mainly used for loading small passenger car and light truck, and all steel radial tire for high speed and high power truck, bus, container truck and long distance, high grade highway treks trucks and buses, both have obvious differences in use.


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