Tire industry in 2009, adverse economic growth in

Statistics show that in 2009 the province produced 292 million tires, up 37.1%; accounting for 44.6% of total output, higher than the national average growth rate of 19.1 percent. Tire exports 3.21 billion U.S. dollars, up 7.7%. Province's 24 radial tire radial tire manufacturer TruckTyre produced a total of 98,784,800, an increase of 30.9%, accounting for 33.15% of total production, speed and efficiency are higher than the national average.

"This is our province tire enterprises restructuring and diversification of the results of market strategy." Shandong Rubber Industry Association vice chairman Zheng Yongxiang that the tire industry in 2009, our province's greatest achievement is significant progress in restructuring. Among them, semi-steel radial tire radial tire with steel ratio of 1.3:1 previous year rose to 1.85:1, the ratio tubeless steel radial tires of semi-steel radial tire and the proportion of low profile has also been greatly improved. In response to the financial crisis and the U.S. safeguard action OTRTyre of tires, many companies adjusted to incorporate low-level products in the high-end products, focusing on development, production to achieve high standards of foreign products, increase energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligent products. Such as the Triangle Group, Delicate Group and other companies, changes in international market development for the slide, low profile semi-steel radial tire-selling Europe and America.

It is worth mentioning that not long ago, the United States, "Rubber and Plastics News" magazine Pingchu strong 2009 global tire 75, Qingdao Double Star Group ranked No. 23, improved over the previous year 8. More striking is the world, only 4 of 75 PCRTyre strong enterprise sales revenue increased by 50%, and DS into the tire industry as one of the shortest of which is ranked as a true "dark horse."

"The beginning of 2009, we requested in the group: walking on two legs domestic and foreign markets, supporting and retail markets with both hands. 40 year exclusive varieties of following the market and turn around the market, as the market changes." Double Star Group, said Wang Hai, president, abroad, binary rely on a strong market network and the flexibility of the sales team, will be the main target market tire exports from developed countries in Europe and America to South America, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia's developing countries , as well as Russia, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries transfer. In China, the group offers subsidies to sniff out the national effort to increase agricultural machinery business opportunities, development and design of agricultural tire 40 specifications sales rapidly.

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