China's tire exports to the EU will suffer

The EU has officially approved a new order for the tire supplier for the goods must be affixed to a fuel efficiency level of content such as gum labels. Member States no later than on November 1, 2011 and published in line with the directive by the laws, regulations and management rules, since November 1, 2012 come into force.

The new directive, the EU market tire supplier should ensure that transferred to distributors or end users have posted 3 tire compliance requirements Laminated Glass of the gum label formats. The directive also suggested that automotive suppliers and distributors should ensure that promotional materials in their vehicles, providing vehicle tires installed on new information and guidance information, including tire fuel efficiency levels and so on.

European Union limits of this three kinds of tires were: C1 (car tires), C2 (light vehicle tires), C3 (heavy vehicles tires). Label should be marked so that consumers of information, including: fuel efficiency rating, external rolling noise, wetlands, adhesion level, and so on.

This is the second after the EU chemicals legislation REACH, but also a technical trade measures. The new decrees will directly increase the cost of test tire exports to the EU, indirectly increase tire production costs and encourage consumers to buy more high-end tires. China's tire exports to the EU more than 95% are low-end products, such products in the fuel efficiency front, will be inhibited. Therefore, the majority of exports to the EU tire manufacturers Tempered Glass instructions should be closely tracking the implementation of the latest developments, and actively improve their products, to ensure that exports to the EU share of affected tires.

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