EPR: a breakthrough technology blockade as soon as

EPDM global capacity and production technology, the main control in the hands of a few multinational companies, the Dutch company DSM, DuPont - Dow Elastomers Corporation, Exxon Corporation, Bayer Corporation and Mitsui 5 companies share of global production capacity 70% of total capacity. Can be said that these companies control and dominate the world, the fate of ethylene-propylene rubber PCRTyre .

In the ethylene-propylene rubber foreign patent applicants, the Japanese rubber companies accounted for 90%. Exxon Mobil, Union Carbide Chemical and Eni Keim company engaged in the ethylene-propylene rubber polymerization process (C08F210) and polymerization catalysts (C08F4). Application of ethylene-propylene rubber composition (C08L23) patent to Japan's Sumitomo Rubber Industries was the largest applications. While the European Polimer, the Netherlands, DSM, Exxon Mobil, DuPont, Dow Chemical Company and Mitsui is the main manufacturer of EPDM, but ExxonMobil filed only 125 patents EPR Other companies do not patent.

Domestic and international trends in patent applications of EPDM are also different. Domestic patent applications EPDM overall upward trend, especially since 2002, showing a strong momentum of development, and foreign patent applications EPDM peaked in 1995, after declining.

Several patent applications in China, the applicants have the top Chinese Academy of Sciences, ExxonMobil, Sinopec and so on. Among them, China's Sinopec is mainly engaged in EPR catalyst; Chinese Academy of Sciences is mainly engaged in PP / EPDM blends of inorganic filler (C08K3) and organic filler (C08K5) study. And has the only EPDM production unit of China Petroleum Jilin Petrochemical Company did not apply for patents, indicating that the domestic absorption of imported technology, lack of innovation.

Blend modified to become hot topics

Patent mainly EPDM EPDM blends on the. The proportion of domestic and similar applications in this area, the proportion of domestic applications was 52%; 48% the proportion of foreign applications. EPDM processing applications developed patented technology driven industry, the development of ethylene-propylene rubber, ethylene propylene rubber used to improve the material properties of EPDM Composite performance is a major research focus TruckTire .

EPDM due to foreign patent's technical blockade, our country can not be the introduction of foreign advanced technology sets of ethylene-propylene rubber. Production plant is the only set of Jilin Petrochemical Company in 1997 introduced an annual output of 20,000 tons ethylene-propylene rubber plant, but the device can produce 24 grades of ethylene-propylene rubber products not suitable for most of China's market demand, the current introduction of keep only two grades. Therefore, the Jilin Petrochemical need to increase the ethylene-propylene rubber blend research and development, further expand the market for downstream users to provide better service.

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