Ukraine became a potential market for rubber compa

Xu Ying pointed out that the global financial crisis on the Ukrainian market, enormous impact, many companies have closed or discontinued, which is Ukraine's most professional and largest rubber show was particularly prominent. China Rubber Industry Delegation's visit is one of the important activities of Ukraine in the Ukrainian capital Kiev city tour organized by the Professional of the Eleventh International Rubber Exhibition of Ukraine, but the visit turned out disappointing. First, the scale of less than 40 exhibition booths, more than 80 exhibitors; second, show relatively low degree of international exhibitors in addition to two Russian companies, five Chinese companies, the others were Ukraine local businesses; the third, the audience rarely, the most important audience is the China Rubber Industry from afar delegation. organizers for this explanation is that the small size of this year was mainly due to the financial crisis, last year there are more than 150 exhibitors, 80 booths, the number of visitors has more than 1,000 people, and this year was only half of last year.

However, Xu Ying on Ukrainian market is still very confident. Former Soviet Union, Ukraine is an important passenger cars, trucks, car production base in the former Soviet Union, although Ukraine's automotive industry has experienced a period of quiet, but now has started to enter a new development track. It is understood that thousands of people in Ukraine have a capacity of 130 vehicles, down from 167 in Russia, far lower than the national average of 323 in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, the average level of more than 500 vehicles. Ukraine's vehicle population growth of 8% per year, has now reached about 700 million (of which about 6 million are cars.) The average life expectancy in the car for 13 years, which produced 3.5 million vehicles average life expectancy in Russia even more than 18 years, a few hundred million old cars will gradually into replacement cycles, which the Chinese automobile and parts production enterprises is an excellent opportunity. China cars to enter the Ukrainian market only two years time, but according to Ukrainian automotive information consulting firm statistics, 10,000 euros less economical family car, the Chinese vehicles accounted for 30% to 40% of Ukraine's market share, China tire companies should have greater opportunities Truck tyre.

In addition, the China Rubber Industry delegation also visited two factories in Ukraine, a city in Kiev hose Tape Factory, another is about 80 km away from Kiev's Rosava tire factory. Founded in 1972, the former Soviet Union Rosava tire factory tire plant during the 17, one of Ukraine is currently the only three countries in one of the largest tire plant, annual capacity of bias tires, semi-steel, about 550,000 tires .

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