China Rubber Industry Association recommends that

Yesterday, the U.S. tire on safeguard measures in China to the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Information Industry jointly held a briefing in Beijing. At the meeting, China Rubber Industry Association, the Ministry of Commerce to improve the export tax rebate rate to support the national brand products and lower import tariffs on raw materials, such as 7 proposals for the Government to support the Chinese tire company.

Because the United States on China's tire levy high tariffs, China's tire exports to the U.S. is expected to drop by 50%, and domestic workers, or 10 million tires will lose their jobs. PCR Tyre To this end, China Rubber Industry Association in yesterday's briefing to the Government for a 7-point proposal, including the tire businesses are more concerned about: the vehicle matching can be based on national brand tires; export tax rebate rate to 9% from the current return to the previous 13% to 15%; main raw material imports tariffs to 20% from the current to 5% or even free; government procurement also be able to own brands.

"The same quality of product, the price of foreign brands than we have about 35% of you, but government procurement are now purchasing these foreign OTR Tyre brands." Yesterday, the Guangzhou South China Rubber Tire Co., Ltd., general manager of Zou Yongzhi expressed the hope that the government can give support to enterprises, help companies weather the storm.

Part of the tire companies believe that if the vehicle matching the national brands, then the tire companies do not have national brand for export, because the Chinese market is large enough for U.S. companies do not have to set up factories in China, sold in the United States directly on it .

Yesterday, in an interview in South tires, good tires and other companies have said that at present companies are actively adjust the product structure, transfer and export market, "performance will certainly be some impact, we will consider opening up the European and other markets."

Special protective case also the impact of China's tire industry chain. The first half of the domestic auto industry developments appear better, but the foreign market has been weak; special protection in this case by case, 12% of direct result of overcapacity in the tire. Excess production capacity will also allow its upstream industrial chain of rubber, carbon black, tar, coke and other industries as well as different degrees of product backlog, sales difficulties and so on. According to the oriental Morning Post


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