Evonik Carbon Black decided to divest the status

Carbon black business of Evonik ranks second worldwide, with many high-quality well-known brands. Distributed in 12 countries to create a total of 1,700 employees by about 10 billion euros sales. Carbon Black business has great opportunities. 2009 sales fell by the economic crisis, and this year's profits would rebound to 2008 levels. English teacher, said Kay
Said: "We are actively looking for the advantage of the opportunities for black business to develop new situation. It is time for the owner to extend through the replacement and consolidation of its global business was Truck Tyre."

80% of Evonik is a global leader in the chemical business. Group in 2009 adopted a new strategy, announced that it will continue to streamline operations, more attention will focus on investment in key growth industries. Strategic Investment and Development will work with three global trends, that is, energy efficiency, health and nutrition, the combination of technological globalization. This is to further highlight the global leader in specialty chemicals, Evonik status of the enterprise. The Board decided to concentrate investment in the development potential of above-average business. In addition, because of its highly integrated chemical business, as well OTR Tyre as the importance of continued growth in Asian markets, Evonik that the stripping of carbon black business will enable them to make better development. Evonik Carbon Black is not the core business has been in earlier as a separate legal entity spun off.

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