Vitality of the global tire market began to recove

World tire giants have been released recently the first half of this year, the report shows that the world tire industry has experienced severe financial crisis last year, has been out of the doldrums, sales revenues and profits in general are increasing in parallel. In addition Truck Tyre to the world's top ten tire giant Goodyear small amount of losses, all the profits and a relatively large increase over the previous year. At the same time, companies generally optimistic about the second half of the tire industry, market trends, the increase in the second half of the market expectations, and set off a new round of expansion wave.

The first echelon of the world's tire giant Bridgestone financial position of the three major radical change. Bridgestone first half of this year's number one sales growth of 15% over last year, sales reached 44.5 billion yen net profit a year earlier loss of 39.3 billion yen OTR Tyre Bridgestone. Michelin's second half sales growth of 17% over last year, reaching 10.3 billion U.S. dollars, net profit of more than expected, amounting to $ 618,500,000, a loss last year, $ 172,400,000 in the first half, operating profit margin last year 4% to 9.8%. Goodyear ranked third in the first half losses of the Group is also reduced by 30 times over last year.

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