Effectiveness of the domestic rubber industry in

From the domestic environment, China's domestic demand this year, less than last year, in particular, directly affect the cooling properties of steel, cement and rubber products, the market closely, while prices of natural rubber and other raw materials has soared in recent years, instability will also affect the economic operation of the rubber industry quality, to within the industry in terms of China's rubber industry is facing its own economic development in transition and the external market environment, the dual complex test. These factors determine the rubber Truck Tyre industry in China will encounter great difficulties in running and economic benefits will be decreased greatly. Despite the unfavorable external environment, many factors, but this year is a bigger hidden hope and given year, we believe that the state in 2010 to maintain continuity and stability of macroeconomic policies, in particular, the state will continue to stimulate the development of the automotive industry initiatives. Rubber industry has been closely related to the development of auto industry such as automobile tires this year will be steady and rapid development of rubber products, an important driving factor in car sales this year, although not as hot as last year, but according to the Secretary-General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers care, this year vehicle production will reach 16 million sets of the above, the growth rate will remain above 20%.

Another highway, railway and airport OTR Tyre construction and other infrastructure projects continue, will further promote the tire, tape products, engineering support, to expand rural demand as a key initiative to stimulate domestic demand, the development of modern agriculture as a significant change in the way of economic development task of building a new socialist countryside and promoting the role of urbanization as a guarantee of lasting economic development is dynamic and continue to automobiles, motorcycles and other countryside activities to further promote the demand for rubber for a variety of products, I believe the China Rubber Industry seize the opportunity to adjust the industrial structure and changing the growth areas make greater efforts to adapt to changes in domestic and foreign markets, is expected to rubber industry in 2010 will continue to maintain steady and rapid development, overall growth rate will be reduced, most Product output will grow by 6%, but benefit greatly reduced.




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