Qingdao to build China's largest synthetic rubber

Lacey said the news from the government, "trans-isoprene rubber industrial production device" is a national "863" High Technology Development Truck Tyre Plan "Ninth Five-Year," one of the items put into the sales income of 1.2 billion yuan, profits of 2 billion. Mayor Sun Liguo said Lacey, Lacey rubber chemical industry has become one of the fastest growing industries, attracting a large number of projects at home and abroad to invest here.

Which covers an area of 600 acres of new materials, Qingdao Yike Si rubber base, investment of 2.4 billion, will be completed and commissioned in June this year. Projects are all completed in 2015, synthetic rubber production capacity will OTR Tyre reach 20 million tons. Recently, Yi Kesi again planned area of 700 acres of new material industrial park, mainly for the intensive processing of isoprene rubber, isoprene rubber, to further extend the industry chain, with a total investment of 1.4 billion. The total investment of $ 60,000,000 Footwear Co., Ltd. Qingdao Taekwang Lacey has roots 15 years, the production of 9.7 million pairs of Nike sneakers. Nexans tires from Korea (strain) of USD 535 million investment to build Qingdao Nexans Tire Co., Ltd. All production year after semi-steel radial tires can produce 21 million, will become the largest tire production base.

According to statistics, Lacey City currently has more than 30 enterprises above designated size of rubber, with a total investment of more than 100 billion yuan, Shandong Peninsula, has been initially formed with a new rubber industry. According to the experts predict, the next 5 years, Lacey will build the largest and most complete variety of synthetic rubber research and production base.

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